A STRIP BAR, A PSYCHIATRIST & PSYCHOSIS — HOW CAN YOU RESIST? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

In SKIN DANCE, a mystery, Art Smukler takes you inside the mind of Jake Robb, a forty-one year old Los Angeles psychiatrist, whose personal life is disintegrating as he struggles to accept the fact that his marriage is over.

After he spends an evening at Skin Dance, a strip bar, his empty life is transformed into one of fear and desperation. An unknown stalker, who vows to destroy him, is following Jake’s every move.

From the posh Palos Verdes Peninsula, to the downtown strip bars, to the central California coast, Jake must use all the psychiatric skills he can muster to understand and thwart the unknown assailant. The suspense mounts as a deranged killer determined to destroy his prey battles a man with inordinate psychological skills who will do whatever it takes to protect himself and his family.

Skin Dance is now available in all eBook formats and will soon be available in paperback.

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6 Responses to A STRIP BAR, A PSYCHIATRIST & PSYCHOSIS — HOW CAN YOU RESIST? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. Mike Busman says:

    Art, after reading Chasing Backwards, how could I resist. Just ordered Skin Dance and know I won’t be disappointed.
    Mike Busman


  2. Just my kind of read! Congratulations, Art.


  3. Elise Warner says:

    Sounds like a winner


  4. Gill says:

    Got it… will leave a review when I’ve read it.


  5. edgycate says:

    Loved the book. Great psychological thriller with twists and turn. I especially enjoyed the insight into the minds of troubled and conflicted individuals.


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