ABOUT ART SMUKLER Novelist & Psychiatrist and one of his more interesting adventures

All mysteries start somewhere; this one started in a strip bar…

Some years ago, a friend had a bachelor party and invited a dozen friends out to dinner. After dinner, someone said, “Hey, let’s go to a strip bar”.

An hour later, we were seated next to an s-shaped stage, as a buxom blond raised her leg 180 degrees onto a silver dancing pole. As we watched, Rod Stewart screamed, “If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy…” so loudly that everyone within earshot was guaranteed a visit to the House clinic, a famous ear hospital in LA, for middle ear surgery. Just as I was wondering whether my insurance covered such a procedure, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear.

“Are you Doctor Smukler?”

“What?” I said, startled, and pivoted toward the pretty, sweet-smelling whisperer.

“Remember me? I’m Cathy. They call me Candy here.” She had full, pouty lips, 5’6” tall, long dark hair, and a costume that left nothing about her figure to the imagination.

“I do. I remember you,” I said, getting my surprise and embarrassment under control. A year ago, 22-year-old Cathy/Candy was sent for therapy by her parents to help her “find herself”. She attended 3 sessions and never scheduled another appointment.

“You really helped me, ” she said.

“Jesus”, I thought, wondering what sort of help that might have been.

“Thanks!” I said loudly, having to compete with Rod.

“Bye. Nice seeing you,” she said, and undulated away, leaving me staring at the naked, blond woman dancing around the pole.
A few weeks later, I signed up for a class on how to start and run your own strip bar. Really! There were a lot of Tony Soprano types, women with big boobs, and me.
After a few more months of research , the journal kind, I started my own strip club — just kidding. What I did do was start writing Skin Dance, a mystery.

Our experiences, often the most embarrassing ones, can be the nidus that begins our story. It takes a lot of passion to write 300 or so pages. Accepting that it’s okay to have all sorts of feelings, especially the politically incorrect ones, is as necessary as including sugar in a cookie mix.

If you enjoyed reading, Inside the Mind of a Psychiatrist, you might also enjoy Dr. Smukler’s novels, Chasing Backwards, a psychological murder mystery, Skin Dance, a mystery, and The Man with a Microphone in his Ear. All are available as paperbacks and eBooks.

Dr. Smukler has won the prestigious Golden Ear Award for excellence in teaching at Harbor-UCLA Medical center and excellence in writing fiction at The Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

All books are available as ebooks and paperbacks. You can find them at amazon.com/author/arthursmukler or http://artsmuklermd.com



8 Responses to ABOUT ART SMUKLER Novelist & Psychiatrist and one of his more interesting adventures

  1. Hands down. I love your site. I found it on LinkedIn. Kudos.


  2. Deborah Payne says:

    I’d like to subscribe to “Inside the Mind of a Psychiatrist.”


  3. Paul says:

    I loved Chasing Backwards because in addition to a very captivating action adventure story, the character development went into the mind of the lead character and his childhood trauma. I could not put it down, can’t wait for your next book!


  4. Harryw says:

    I was literally drawn into the mind of the main character and could not, nor did I want to, leave. Truly a real page turner, the book totally enveloped me. Chasing Backward is far from an ordinary murder mystery as the clues buried in the main character’s childhood, showing-up in this brilliant and athletic medical student’s nightmares, combined with a big perplexing why leads to a first class read. The author, a psychiatrist, knows what he is doing in moving you through the pages as this is well written, feels real yet very clever and creative. Moreover it doesn’t leave when you are finished as it lingers in your mind, wanting more, which is what a good read is all about.


  5. Rich says:

    This romantic thriller is a page-turner to the very end. I highly recommend this.


  6. Haslea, Christa Polkinghorn, E. Caine says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Chasing Backwards: A Psychological Murder Mystery, October 2, 2011
    By Haslea
    I started reading this book because it was written by one of my high school buddies. I soon found I couldn’t put it down. It’s very fast reading and had me fully engaged from the beginning through to the end. I was fully prepared to tell Art that I loved the book no matter how I felt. Well, the good news is that I really enjoyed it and didn’t have to pretend. I can’t wait to read his next one

    5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, October 14, 2011
    By Christa Polkinhorn (Santa Monica, CA, USA) – See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    This review is from: Chasing Backwards: A Psychological Murder Mystery (Kindle Edition)
    Joe Belmont’s mother, the saintly Teresa, is brutally murdered and nobody can figure out why. According to some, she was “a saint,” lived alone, and did volunteer work. So who would want to kill her? And who killed Joe’s uncle and is now threatening his own life? Instead of answers, Joe has more and more questions, not just about the murders but about the people he thought he knew as well as about his own past. In the course of his investigation, Joe uncovers a string of shocking and sinister truths.

    This is a fascinating mystery that takes off with a bang and continues to move from one adventure to the next from Philadelphia, USA, to Zurich, Switzerland, and back. The author’s terse style is in perfect sink with the often gritty action. The interesting and psychologically complex characters are believable. And the love story woven into it adds a tender note to an otherwise tough environment. Excellent work!

    Edwin Caine M.D. says:
    October 18, 2011 at 9:25 am (Edit)
    I just finished Chasing Backwards. I couldn’t put it down. The plot is interesting, with many twists and turns along the way. The characters are well developed, and you care about what happens to them. This is both a gripping mystery and an exploration of the protagonists ongoing nightmares. It is rare to find a novel that grips you from the beginning, and takes you on an exciting , adventurous ride. It left me wanting more. I was sorry it ended. Bravo, Dr. Smukler.
    Ed C.


  7. Helana says:

    I sat down at around 8 and didn’t stop reading till I finished Dr. Smukler’s book just now.
    It’s really great, loved the characters, the plot was totally compelling!
    When the characters are interesting and believable, it’s like being in a reading trance…
    Really a fun read!


  8. Phyllis blaunstein says:

    I was hooked from the first page of Chasing Backwards. The author’s background as a psychiatrist makes this a fascinating read.


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