HANG ON FELLOW TIME-TRAVELERS, WE’RE GOING BACK TO 1960, by Art Smukler, MD, author & psychiatrist

It was a simpler time.

No internet.

No cell phones. 

No electric cars.

Computers, with less gigs than your cell phone, were the size of a Mac Truck.

Gasoline was 25 cents a gallon.

And the ONLY way to meet girls was… gulp…in person.


The bowling alley.

School…except I went to an all-boys magnet school.

Cruising around, looking cool.

And that was the problem. H and I NEEDED A CAR!

H was my best buddy.

In Philly, where we grew up, only the rich kids had cars. On a good day, H and I pooled our money to share a Philly’s steak sandwich – with fried onions, extra cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, smothered in catsup. It still makes my mouth water.

So, the day that H was able to borrow his mom’s car was HUGE.

We got in the less-than-stellar 63 Chevy, that was parallel-parked on his street, with H behind the wheel.

Two REALLY cute girls were walking down the sidewalk.

H rolled down his window and hung his left arm out the door (for those of you who wonder why someone would hang his arm out the window – It was defined, by the likes of H, as cool).

Then he put the car in gear and roared out of the parking spot.

A second later, there was a huge metal-against-metal ripping sound.

H, in the disguise of Mr. Cool, went too close to the car parked in front of us, and destroyed the passenger side door.

That was what it was like to enter the world of “cool” in my youth.

But, and it’s a big one, that’s where a lot of my ideas for novels come from.

Check out THE REAL STORY, a mystery

ANOTHER 5 STAR REVIEW ! Art Smukler, MD, author & psychiatrist

From Readers’ Favorite

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Reviewed by Luwi Nyakansaila for Readers’ Favorite

What happens when an ordinary medical student discovers he is trailed by hitmen trying to take his life? He makes this discovery immediately after his mother and uncle are found dead under mysterious circumstances. Joe Belmont goes on the run after burying his only remaining relatives. His mother was a saint, she was poor and lived her life for the Lord. So why does she have a private Swiss account with a lot of money? Joe did not have a close relationship with his uncle, but he knew the man did not drink alcohol. So why was he found dead at the wheel of his car with alcohol in his system? Joe wants answers to all these questions and more. He makes the decision to search his past and dreams to find the missing links to all his questions. In The Real Story by Arthur Smukler, MD, suspense, thriller, and romance await you.

The Real Story is an action-packed novel. Joe’s story is full of suspense and mystery. His entire world turns upside down, and he realizes he has been living a lie. As Joe narrates his story, he continues to have flashbacks from his past. These flashbacks fit in very well with the story and give a glimpse of why Joe made his decisions. Joe is a loyal friend and a kind human being. This side of him is brought to light when he talks about his friendship with Jeff and the relationship he builds with Lara. I loved his compassion for the victims, people like Mr. DeAngelo, who just wanted to better their lives. Most people today would have looked out for themselves and forgotten the innocent people caught in the crossfire. This is a beautiful message to preach, given that this book is written in our present time. The mention of masks and the Covid-19 effects made me relate to this story. I was rooting for Joe and his friends and praying for a happy ending for all of them. Arthur Smukler made wonderful and relatable characters. He added humor to the characters, and this brightened up the story. I cannot wait to read more of this author’s creations.