Who is Art Smukler?

Sometimes even I wonder.

Traveling down new roads can be a bit disconcerting. Anxiety, confusion, frustration, are all part of the process. After practicing and teaching psychiatry for so many decades, I was considered an expert. In fact, I was an expert! I knew, and know, so many things in regards to how our minds work – mental illness, the human condition, teaching intensive psychotherapy, medication, and on and on.

When I decided to write full time, I pointed my passion and expertise in a new direction – as a novelist and a blogger.

In the last four years, I completed two new novels, the first a mystery, and the second an adult coming-of-age. But, before publishing them, I decided to rewrite my first novel, Chasing Backwards (It’s 11 years old), and change the time and setting to the present. The novel was great when I first wrote it, and now it’s even better. My grand plan is to learn how to format, publish, and market on my own, and use THE REAL STORY, a mystery, (Chasing Backwards’ new title) as my entre’ into this brand new world. Not an easy task, but one that I’m totally enjoying.

NINE NORTH is now available! Ever hide out in a psych hospital? Probably not. My main character Jake Bennett is on the run from unknown assailants and out of desperation makes the county psych hospital his new home.

Anyway, here’s the formal bio of me. Also, sadly, I’m not a member of the Smuckers family. If I were, I’d be including a free jar of jelly with every book.

Art Smukler, MD was born and raised in Philadelphia, went to college at Penn State University, medical school at Drexel (formerly Hahnemann), and completed his psychiatric training at University of Pennsylvania and UCLA. He is a board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in the treatment of adults with a subspecialty in adolescents. As a member of the UCLA faculty, he ran an award-winning psychotherapy conference for psychiatric residents and received the coveted “Golden Ear” award. He has published in psychiatric journals, and won the award for excellence in creative writing at The Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

Now a full-time author, he applies his deep understanding of the human psyche to create fictional characters that will touch your heart.

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