THE LITTLE MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

My best teachers and friends are people who listen and learn from what they hear, read and see. They are big enough to admit they might be wrong and big enough to correct any flawed thinking.

The biggest people are those who learn from their mistakes and are happy to adjust their minds to new ideas. Knowledge is a compilation of information gathered from many sources to gain an accurate portrayal of what is truth and what is a lie.

Big people learn from those who disagree with them. They respect science and understand why respect for others is so important.

Leaders who are great lead by example. They understand how diversity is not only necessary for intellectual growth but essential for our growth as a nation.

A leader who doesn’t understand sacrifice for the common good is a fool. John McCain sacrificed years of his life to bring pride and courage to the US. Once again, Donald Trump disrespected him and in doing so disrespected all of us.

Donald Trump only understands self-aggrandizement. He is too small to respect others who know more and offer things that he is not capable of providing. NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING!

Donald Trump is a little man who spends his life putting down anyone who doesn’t agree with him. The Party of Trump is a disgrace. Marco Rubio who now kisses the ring of the man who called him names and put down his family should evaluate whether his behavior is really something that makes him proud.

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