POTUS IS NAKED or THE ADVANTAGES OF A MIND EXPOSED by Art Smukler MD, author and psychiatrist

We’re all sick and tired of hearing the story of THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES. Well, please, be a good sport for just one more time. It has a new satisfying twist. Ha. If you can’t have a good time writing for no money, there’s no reason to do it. So back to the story…

All the people in Washington, DC, I mean Republicans, are too afraid to tell emperor POTUS that he’s running around stark naked. Why? The emperor, a self declared stable genius, is an insecure, vindictive, little man who will retaliate if anyone confronts him or disagrees with him. A cold day means that there is no climate change. If you won’t sell Greenland to the USA you are a disrespectful enemy. Putin is a good man. More people came to Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s. Yadayadayada…

It’s a fact, not fake news, that the man is a pathological liar. So why, you ask yourself, is Art Smukler MD, a psychiatrist, boring me with a reiteration of everything we already know and hear about on CNN and MSNBC every day, all day?

To answer that very valid question, I’ll take a short segway back to my past. One of the most interesting and exciting things about psychiatry is the opportunity to learn about human nature and aspects of the mind. Learning about schizophrenia and bipolar disorders and their associated delusions, hallucinations, and manic episodes is like having an x-ray machine to examine the mind. In the psychotic state, all the defensive trappings are exposed. Politically correct words and behavior don’t exist. Add a bit of psychotropic medication and a supportive atmosphere and most of it goes back to normal.

So how does this relate to emperor Trump?

Seeing and hearing him is like having that same x-ray machine showing you all the aspects of sociopathy and a narcissistic personality disorder. You don’t have to go to medical school or take a psychiatric residency or pass your boards. Just listen to POTUS and you’ll learn everything you need to know about people you should ALWAYS stay away from. They will hurt you. They may be charming, rich, good-looking and hard to resist, but if you get involved, YOU WILL BE HURT!

POTUS is giving us a life lesson on who to avoid. All free without having to read and study and pass tests.

See, having a naked emperor running around the White House has its advantages.

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WHEN TRUMP DIES, WHERE WILL HIS SOUL GO? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

I don’t believe in god or a higher power or that one religion is superior to another religion; so for me, the term soul is used in a philosophical manner.

What does the afterlife hold in store for a man who lies, cheats, boasts, enjoys prostitutes and says it’s not true, uses the US presidency to enhance his wealth, never served in his country’s military for a “trumped-up” reason, bullies and has a wife who runs an anti-bullying bullying campaign, pretends to win golf championships, name calls, colludes with autocrats from Russia and Saudi Arabia, is a bigot, a racist and the most narcissistic man to ever hold the office of POTUS.

Where does his soul go?

It goes to the gilded, empty, cold, Trump Tower, where everything a man touches turns to gold. No warmth, no love, no cookies and milk, no little puppies to lick your face, no fond memories of people you’ve loved and sacrificed for, no warm summer days where the balmy breeze tickles your face and blows your hair, no Snickers bars, no gentle caresses, no warm baths, no loving gazes, no sense that your life helped the needy and under-privileged… only ice-cold-gold.

Welcome to your future Mr. Trump.

Oh, and one more thing. There’s a thousand-foot-high-wall that surrounds your final condo resting place. It was built by all the money you stole from people who believed you were an honest man.