WHY DO AT LEAST 67% OF AMERICANS DISRESPECT TRUMP? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

I have never witnessed the level of disrespect for the president of the United States that Americans and foreigners have for Trump. No one even cringes when he’s referred to as a child, or a liar, or a thief, or a moron, or a narcissist, or a misogynist etc. by both democrats and republicans.

You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to understand why these feelings are so pervasive. The man has no clue that he is one of the most insensitive and disrespectful people EVER to have held public office. If you cross him, he simply calls you a name and does everything in his power to humiliate you. “I’m a counter-puncher,” he says. What he means is that if you disagree with him he will attack. Since he’s never wrong, that means no one can ever have an opinion that differs with his. It’s shocking that this man is our president. He takes no advice from his “advisors” and has placed our country in jeopardy.

Disrespect and rage? Of course.

Even in the seventies when Nixon was so reviled, we didn’t fear for our country’s existence. Nixon was a liar, but we felt he still put country before self. Trump is incapable of putting anyone but himself first.

So, it is understandable why so many disrespect the man. It is not so understandable why still so many are not negatively moved by his behavior.

It is also horrifying that more of our elected officials won’t take action.

Children can’t stand up against abusive parents. WE ARE NOT CHILDREN. THIS MAN IS ABUSIVE. WE CAN AND SHOULD STAND UP!

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12 thoughts on “WHY DO AT LEAST 67% OF AMERICANS DISRESPECT TRUMP? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. I believe that a lot of folks who voted for him have buyer’s remorse. But as you stated, it is not understandable that so many who voted for him still support this con artist. Are there psychiatric explanations for such blind faith? Hopefully, the Mueller investigation will come up with concrete evidence that will bring him, his family, Pence, and the unqualified cabinet members he nominated. His agenda if allowed to continue will cause enormous damage to this country, the world, and environment.


    1. I wish I had a psychiatric explanation for why people still support this selfish manipulator. Maybe simply the hope that the stock market will continue to rise and the wealthy will get wealthier. Why the poor still support him? It makes no sense.


  2. As usual, well written. But unfortunately since it is not a Tweet, and is longer than 140 characters, DJT will never read it. His focus is inward, that is the only place that he can spend longer than 2 minutes. He is obnoxious and noxious, and should go down in history, if America has one, as the worse President yet. I didn’t vote for him, but knew he would win, simply because as a loud mouth, all the people who don’t agree with anything that had gone before, loved him, He said he was going to help all the loud mouth, uncouth, illiterates, he was on their side. Yep. He is on their side all right as long as it is what he wants. But at least the one good thing is, we all now know who the neo-nazi’s are, the white supremacists, etc. They all feel safe coming out of their hidey holes to plague the country. Hopefully, someone in Homeland Security, and/or the FBI will excise the boils that they are. Maybe then, we can excise the head boil in the next election. Here’s hoping America makes it through the flagrant bombastic rhetoric to have another election. Fingers and toes firmly crossed.


  3. All very well said,but “WE CAN AND SHOULD STAND UP”. And do what? Make a speech? That’s useless. He has not committed impeachable offenses. Our choices are limited.


    1. As usual a good point. But, we did it regarding Viet Nam by being vocal and organizing anti war campaigns. We need more anti Trump campaigns. The man is incapable of having a reasonable conversation. The only thing he will understand is to be verbally attacked by masses of people marching against him, congress to take action by openly opposing him, and for the special prosecutor to finally finish his work and take action. Oy


      1. Oy is the answer!! I’m a believer in what you stand for, but I’m not a marcher. Marches almost always end in violence, either with the opposition or with the authorities. And that does not help the cause. Neither does blocking traffic, etc. Congress is supposed to be the check on the executive branch. That is the way the Constitution was designed. But they are such worms, that as long as they can keep stealing money, they do nothing.


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