I really have no idea, except for one particular psychiatrist – me. The weird thing, or maybe not so weird, is that the time ( now 4 1/2 years ) feels like maybe a month or two. Even with Covid, the time didn’t just fly, it was like a supersonic disappearance into a black hole.

Not that it wasn’t pleasant and rewarding, it was certainly both. And I’ve loved it.

One observation is that as the time went by and my days were filled with interests other than psychiatry, mainly writing fiction, and I spend my time wondering how my fictional characters will navigate the obstacles and catastrophes that I’ve invented, I also wonder how the real people, my cherished patients and friends, who I haven’t seen in all this time are doing.

Thinking about it, it’s no wonder that my retirement was such a seamless transition from my psychiatry practice. Now, I’m trying to help my imaginary characters resolve their conflicts instead of helping real live people.

By the way, if you ever notice that some things that I write are some of the same things that I would say during a session don’t be surprised. It all comes from the same mind.

Also, and very importantly, if you’re of the mind, please go on my blog and let me know how you’re doing. It would be a treat and I promise to respond.

My next blog will be all about what it’s like to publish and perish and then rise from the ashes.

My previously published books, CHASING BACKWARDS, SKIN DANCE, and THE MAN WITH A MICROPHONE IN HIS EAR are still available – but not for long! You’ll see what I mean in my next post.


Bob Dylan has always been one of my favorite singers, writers, and poets. He has a way of describing life that is unique and at the same time entertaining. His words once again strike me as a wake up call, a creative way to help bring clarity to what is clearly right in front of us.

It’s hard to believe that I actually retired from practicing psychiatry over four years ago, but I did. That didn’t mean that I retired from thinking and observing the human condition. It meant that I was free to wake up in the morning when I wanted to, read when and where the urge struck, write when the muse hit, talk to friends in the middle of the day, and just hang out wherever and whenever. It’s been great and I love it.

What I don’t love is the way that a former President, Trump, gets to flaunt the law and agitate followers who still think he’s a “great man”. This gets me to the crux of my blog. Does Trump actually have the right to preach that Putin is a great and brilliant man? I think of it as very similar to anyone who would praise Hitler and other leaders of the Axis Powers during WW11. When I think about it, any of us can say whatever we want, but we have no leverage or sway over hardly anyone. Our words are wisps in the wind. Trump’s words carry with them leverage to cause an insurrection. He loves power. Loves dictators. Loves to prove that he is above the law.

Yes, we have to adhere to due process. Yes, we have to respect our rights to free speech. But when does a man who influences 40 million sycophants get stopped? When does Biden and our elected officials say enough is enough?

When does President Biden stand up in front of 170 million Americans and blatantly call this twisted monster out? I know. There’s no psychiatric diagnosis for Twisted Monster, but it’s my blog and I just hope that someone who has political leverage can help our flailing democracy.

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