GO HIGH WHEN THEY GO LOW? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

Sorry, former 1st lady, who most certainly never intended this advice for the self-proclaimed genius in the White House. Go high when he goes low is like trying to reason with an Islamic terrorist after he cuts your head off.

And the Republican senators? A perfect example is Ted Cruz! He now supports Trump after Trump mercilessly attacked his wife and father. Voting for him is like voting for a whipped dog. The other silent puppies (senators) wait for their master to feed them whatever scraps he doesn’t finish at McDonalds.

It’s not about politics! Many of the Republican policy stances are just fine, even better than many liberal policies, it’s about respect, ethics, and regaining what America used to stand for— a free, mutually respectful environment, where there really are three bodies of government that work to balance the way our country runs.

I know that 1/3 of our nation LOVES Trump. Well, here’s one person out of the other 2/3 who is horrified by how crazy that 1/3 is for supporting a man who brags about sexually abusing women, cheats on his taxes, lies about his inheritance, mocks anyone who doesn’t agree with him, creates multi-national chaos, doesn’t believe in climate change, never accepts blame, and obviously enjoys humiliating others.

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11 thoughts on “GO HIGH WHEN THEY GO LOW? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art,
    I couldn’t have said it better. The majority in congress are spineless and more interested in power & keeping their jobs than people.

    As for Democrats who are silent, Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff have been quite vocal. Adam in particular has been the brunt of many Trump tweets. We need more like them.
    My best,


  2. I enjoy reading you well stated views on Trump and his supporters. What I can’t understand about his supporters is that they would be merciless in their righteous judgement of a democrat or independent who acted like Trump. What I can’t understand about the democrats is their lack of righteous indignation. The news commentators on CNN & NBC etc. are the ones left to speak out on a consistent basis. Why aren’t the democratic congressmen/women speaking out non stop and loudly?
    I am so frustrated with this whole mess!!
    Thanks for listening. Please send me your thoughts.


    1. Thanks. I totally agree that the democrats are ineffective. No one has stood out and become a leader. It is a frightening prospect that we may have many years of these insensitive buffoons.


  3. Now that the ‘governing’ bodies in Washington, have proven that they cannot speak without checking with the orange loon in the white house, have shown that party lines count more than personal integrity, morals, and have placed the heads permanently up their whatzis, along with the 1/3 population of shouting loon boosters, the rest of the country can kick them too the curb. Of course the walls of their offices will have to be sanitized from all of the drivel that has spewn from their collective mouths as they made every effort to prove to the majority of American people that they actually hadn’t lost their brains while bowing to the orange one. I think we have all seen enough craziness by now. I certainly hope the majority of Americans flood the polls and get rid of every single one of these clowns. We will prove to the world that Americans are still in control of our destiny and we will work to address all of idiocy of polluting laws, getting climate change rules back under sane control, and clean up the trash that has filled up our beautiful, historical buildings in Washington. Vote to throw out the garbage!


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