RESULTS OF THE OBAMA-SPIELBERG EXPERIMENT, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Last week, I used 10 well-known celebrities in my post title. These ranged from Barack Obama to Mark Cuban to Steven Spielberg. My theory was that Google would connect anyone with an interest in these personalities to my blog site.

I imagined millions of potential viewers, with thousands of my books lining their shelves.

It didn’t happen — not even close. I’ve published 50 posts and have a total of 9000 hits, an average of 180 hits per post. For this experiment I received a grand total of…(drum roll) 190 hits. 8 new people decided to follow my blog and 7 people downloaded books. Fame and riches did not rain down upon me.

What does it all mean? To me, it means that post readers are interested in actual content — subjects that matter to them and people who have something to say. Just listing famous people doesn’t do it. Also, for someone to buy an unknown person’s book, there needs to be some sort of  emotional connection or a recommendation from someone that they respect.

There’s no easy way to become known throughout the internet and throughout the world if you haven’t earned it. And really, that’s the way it should be.

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10 thoughts on “RESULTS OF THE OBAMA-SPIELBERG EXPERIMENT, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. I too admire the evolution of your blog! It provides new meaning and purpose for all of us that are honored to read it. In my experience, most people in the art world become known after many years of producing. It is a slow end product, so enjoy the process. Then, there is no room for disappointment. Bernie


  2. Life is funny that way….you have to earn it!! Of course, coming from a famous family or even a little luck doesn’t hurt, either!!!


  3. Be careful what you wish for… Imagine a Sunday morning breakfast interrupted by paparazzi and fans. Imagine the morning bike ride with cars honking at you and people wanting your autograph. I wish for you the same outcome as the tortoise. Slow and steady, but you’ll always win the race.


  4. You never cease to keep my respect and admiration. Very admirable of you writing your very last comment about the Obama – Speilberg Blog. Keep it up!


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