DONALD TRUMP, POTUS? IS IT POSSIBLE? WHY IS HE SO POPULAR? By Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Donald Trump doesn’t care who he offends. Whether you agree or disagree with his political statements, he’s making them without any consideration for the far right Republican Tea Party, the far left Democrats; or the holy grail military. Even the middle-of-the-roaders are standing around with their jaws agape.

If he really wants to become president, why is he making such dramatic politically incorrect statements?

Maybe it’s the fact that he has somewhere between 4 and 8 billion dollars (definitely enough to be considered F U money) and can say whatever he wants. Maybe he’s a narcissist and believes that whatever he thinks or says is verbal gold? Maybe he’s a political Howard Stern and just likes to shock people? Whatever his underlying motivation, his rhetoric is shockingly honest and unique.

He’s actually #1 in the Republican polls. Why is he so popular?

I think the american people are sick and tired of being afraid. Anti-immigration and devaluing of prisoner-of-war John McCain are statements that no one trying to get votes would publicly say, but there are many americans who obviously agree with Trump. Also, maybe it’s not his specific statements that are attracting so many supporters, but the fact that he is actually saying these things aloud rather than spouting all the veiled, politically correct statements that the other candidates bandy about. 

So what does it all mean?

What it means is very scary. He’s actually gaining traction. His outlandish style is attracting millions of followers.

Yet, this man, for all the wrong reasons, can change the political scene. What if all of the candidates took heed and stopped lying and manipulating, and really spoke their hearts? We could actually choose a candidate who had values that could help our country. As a country we need politics to change. We need honest people who aren’t afraid to state their beliefs, and not just a fearless self-serving billionaire. I wish a great leader would emerge. One that says, “You’re hired,” and takes pride in caring for others rather than pompously putting them down. Trump likes people who weren’t captured, yet he never served in the military. How would he tolerate years of abuse? Would he still have a grandiose, all-knowing attitude?

Our broken system needs fixing. And, even though I don’t like or agree with Donald Trump’s politics, I like his style of not being afraid to say what’s on his mind. That’s what the United States is all about.

Picture this very grim scene.

It’s a cold January in 2017 and Donald is standing in front of the White House being sworn in by our Chief Justice. The wind rustles the barren limbs of the trees, thousands of watchers pull up the collars of their heavy coats, and Mr. Trump’s comb-over shimmers over his face as he takes his presidential vow.

14 thoughts on “DONALD TRUMP, POTUS? IS IT POSSIBLE? WHY IS HE SO POPULAR? By Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art, thanks for a well-written and well thought out piece. However, I could not disagree with your premise more. I have followed Trumo for many years. I don’t think he’s being candid or in the least bit truthful. He has never avowed these believes in the past. In the recent past he has been pro-life pro-single-payer healthcare and a declared Democrat. People often change their opinion on one topic or another but they do not typically make such a vast 180° turn unless there is a very defined and specific motive. I don’t know if he truly wants to be president or is it is as surprised as we are that he has taken and commanded such a remarkable degree of popularity. I only am certain that he thoroughly enjoys the attention he’s getting. He appears In his television interviews as a classical narcissist who is looking into a very friendly mirror

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  2. Your last paragraph is akin to the first paragraph of a novel. Get that puppy out by January 2016 as a futuristic tome. Could be very entertaining.

    On another note: Mr. Trump let loose Lindsay Graham’s phone number. Will he get right to the point as president by releasing phone numbers (e.g., Angela Merkel’s) sans NSA help? Hannity thought Trump’s trick was “great” the other night. What happened to rationally questioning and commenting on Mr. Graham’s stand on political issues–in detail? ANY presidential candidate needs to show competence in disputing opponents’ records in an appropriate manner.

    Wow–leaders with the maturity of little girls at a spend-the-night party making prank calls. Obama looked quite grown-up taking selfies with the Danish prime minister during Mandela’s funeral.

    The world is more dangerous than ever. Navigating international politics is tough–issues of meaning, language barriers (sticky translation), and nuances. Diplomacy requires, well, diplomacy and a thorough knowledge of geopolitics. It is not the Wild, Wild West. Shooting off one’s mouth is dangerous business.

    No wonder Millennials are fed up. They’re waiting for Baby Boomers to grow up.


    1. So far it seems that no one likes The Donald or has come to his defense. I guess great minds think alike.

      I saw on CNN this morning that he had an “event” scheduled in Des Moines, IA. The De Moines register newspaper had published an editorial or article suggesting that he drop out of the race. Instead, he did something extremely rare. He refused to give press credentials to reporters from the Register to attend the event. It seems that other candidates over the years have received heat from the media, but have never barred them from any political events.

      Could he be paranoid and in need of a good shrink??? I can suggest a good one to him. 🙂



  3. Thanks for the provocative post, Art!
    I don’t believe Trump will ever be sworn in as President of the US. Why does he say these outrageous things? As you said, Art, narcissistic to the max. He craves attention. But he will never win the Republican nomination. The GOP powers that be would never allow it. However, he might run as an Independent, which would really screw up any chance of a Republican being elected president. This would put the GOP over a barrel. Maybe that’s what Trump really wants, because to tell the truth, I do NOT believe he WANTS to be president. Why? Because as a megabucks businessman, he know that the president doesn’t run the U.S., wealthy businessmen do.


  4. Art,
    Where do I begin?? The jerk scares me. All he has done so far is express hate……like Hitler in the early 1930’s. It is one thing to be open and honest with one’s opinion, but The Donald is being brash and arrogant.

    John McCain suffered for almost 7 years as a POW, being beaten, starved, and tortured. I’ve always considered the Senator a voice of reason in Congress (with the possible exception being having chosen Palin as running mate) and to me personally, what he said about McCain is treasonous. I read a couple of reports about Trump’s military service. He received 4 student deferrals and finally a medical deferral. I believe it was after the second deferral expired he was reclassified as draft status 1-A and given a clean bill of health. By some miracle (and maybe a bit of his wealthy father’s influence) within 3 weeks he was again given a student deferral. When he had used those up, he was given a medical deferral for a bone spur in one of his heels. Under questioning, he couldn’t remember in which foot he had the bone spur. The reporter also added a little humor by stating that he also couldn’t remember which golf course he was at when the injury occurred.

    So far, we have not heard anything about Trump’s platform on issues such as the economy, social programs, foreign relations, etc. I can just imagine him meeting or negotiating with world leaders such as Putin, Netanyahu, David Cameron, or Angela Merkel, and how his arrogance would hurt relations and possibly kill any negotiations.

    Yeah, he scares me.



  5. If he wins, then the American people deserve him and are once again made the laughing stock of the world. But the world will stop laughing once he puts his insane ideas into practice. And the wrong people will be hurt once again as well. Yes, frightening indeed.


  6. I’m very concerned….I’m concerned that he could win and that makes me more worried about the kind of country we live in. But almost as bad, if he doesn’t get the nomination, he says he will run as an independent and that will surely hand the presidency to HC…egad which is worse???


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