TRAVEL WITH ME TO JULY 1, 1969, by Art Smukler, MD, author & psychiatrist

I sat in the Airstream, sipped my morning coffee, and savored a fresh blueberry muffin. Are wormholes real? Can we actually slip through one and go back in time? What if we could? Would I really want to go back to the moment when my psychiatric career began? That first day of my first year of residency at PGH (Philadelphia General Hospital)?

In that ancient, medical fortress, thousands of patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, suicide attempts etc. got the help they needed. Now, places like PGH no longer exist. Severely ill patients wander the streets, every day another challenge to find food and a place to sleep.

Would I go back?


Don’t close the hospitals! I’d scream. Don’t believe the politicians who promise to treat patients in a community-based mental health system! It’s a lie. All they want to do is save money! I’d scream and yell and spend a lot more time being an activist.

Also…it would really be cool to be young again. All those new adventures. Watching my children grow up. Having a chance to fix the mistakes that, in retrospect, I know I made.

Plus, I’d buy Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Google and on and on before they were really discovered.

Show me the wormhole!

On the other hand, would I be able to come back to 2022? Would I leave everyone behind?

Hmm. Maybe I need to rethink my wormhole fantasy. The whole grass-is-greener scenario could be a nightmare. While I’m screaming to not close PGH, how would I explain to myself that the place is a nightmare – dark, damp, smelly, scary? Having to be there every day, even as a doctor, wasn’t easy. It gave me the creeps.

Life can be complicated.

Maybe, I’ll just enjoy my morning coffee?

Then again, what about…

Check out THE REAL STORY, a mystery. A fun adventure with an amateur sleuth, who needs to go back into his own unconscious.

FOX NEWS, A SIMPLE SOLUTION – MONEY, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

Freud is best known for leading the way to understanding the unconscious part of our mind and how it influences our behavior. He is also known for stating the obvious, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

So, with that in mind, what do we do about Fox News, a powerful news station that continues to lie about almost all things political, as long as it supports Trump and his misguided base? We should FOLLOW THE MONEY!

These are some of the companies that continue to advertise on Fox News: My Pillow, P&G. Amazon, Kraft, Pfizer, Sandals Resort, Pet Smart, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Progressive, Verizon, Abbott, GM, Carvana, Noom and Novartis.

What does this have to do with mental health and psychiatry? A lot! For four years we’ve been inundated with massive political lies that have created anxiety, depression, insomnia and you name it, a lot of pain. When a news station advocates a liar like Trump and overthrowing democratic principles, we need to do something! Our peace of mind and safety depend on it.

This doesn’t call for being analyzed on the couch, it calls for a boycott on anyone who supports liars.

Don’t buy or use the products of the above companies!

I’m switching to AT & T and will do my best to not buy or use products that advertise on Fox News. That will make me feel MUCH better. If we all do that, perhaps we can get rid of Hannity et al.

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