THE BATTERED REPUBLICAN SYNDROME, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

The “Battered Wife Syndrome” is a term exemplifying how women are afraid to stand up to their bullying, battering husbands. It is another form of PTSD that is exemplified by the abuser having complete control over the “helpless” woman. Then, the remarkable happens. The pathetic, weak woman turns the tables and doesn’t allow herself to be abused anymore. Finally, the abuser is exposed as the pathetic, weak manipulator he always was.

Why do so many Republicans keep supporting Trump? They say they believe in his politics, his stance on Israel, his immigration policies, free market strategy, the great way the stock market is doing, how he speaks his mind etc. All may or may not be true, but one thing is absolutely very true. THE ONLY THING TRUMP CARES ABOUT IS TRUMP! HE IS THE LEAST PRESIDENTIAL MAN EVER TO HAVE HELD THIS OFFICE. When he is compared to Hitler, it resonates.

Like the battered wife, Republicans fear Trump will retaliate. He’ll take away your votes, your support, call you names, and devalue you.  Like the battered wife, you believe you need him and have kowtowed to him. You let him lie to all of us. You let him devalue our allies. You even let him kiss Putin’s ring. Some independent thinkers call Trump’s behavior treasonous. What do you call a man who attacks his own country and supports a Russian leader who attacks our elections, poisons former Russian spies, and supports despots like Assad? Shouldn’t you call this man a treasonous man? Isn’t this man fully deserving of Impeachment?

Republicans are battered and traumatized. They have allowed lies to permeate the fabric of America. Now is the time to stand up and support our country. You don’t need a bully to support you. You need the courage to support your own values, AND lawfully protect us all from the man who is threatening our very existence.

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8 thoughts on “THE BATTERED REPUBLICAN SYNDROME, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. To be fair, I should note that I also see that Republicans that truly believe in Trump are being victimized, demonized and bullied for their political beliefs, so everyone needs to clean up their act in America. We need to start getting along. Too much hate on both sides. Its sad. I’m Canadian by the way.


  2. There are 3 age old sayings that come to mind with Trumps impeachment. 1) ‘The devil you know may be worse than the devil you don’t’ (Pence, silently slithering behind the loudmouth) 2) ‘Be careful what you wish for’ 3) Out of the frying pan and into the fire. If a 2 for 1 deal could be had, America might just live another year. There is a difficult dilemma here. Which I think is one reason, people keep walking back on the Impeachment talk. Take a good hard look at the strange, silent, narrow gazed wonder, who doesn’t dare have any other woman near him but his wife. I wonder what skeleton is lurking there? Yep, the electoral college sure knows how to pick ’em. I wonder where the UFOs are that flew over Washington in the late 40’s? I think we could use a flock of them about now.


  3. Art,
    He is treasonous and I definitely believe Putin has “stuff” on him like hookers and golden showers.
    We can only pray that both houses of Congress flip in November so they can impeach and remove him from office. Then as a private citizen he can be tried for all his many other violations of the law and go to jail. Oh, let’s not forget his family.
    My best,


  4. You forgot to mention the religious conservative crutch that he also uses, but that’s a while other subject…if their conception is that he is a “Godly Man who will make America great again”…

    Dr. S—-I miss seeing you but I am happy that you have more time for writing. I also think that many can benefit from hearing intelligent and sound reasoning based on facts, maybe start a podcast? Or do you already have one?


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