MY FANTASY IS ALL ABOUT HARLEY DAVIDSON, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

I have a lot of fantasies. How is it possible to be a psychiatrist and not live with millions of them circulating amongst the billions of neurons that run my brain? It’s not possible. So, here’s my latest.

The president of the United States is threatening Harley with major taxes and sanctions because they won’t do what he says. I mean Geez, why wouldn’t everyone do whatever one of the greatest narcissists of all time says? A real stumper. But, being the brilliant psychiatrist and author that I am, I have the answer. My wife of many decades disagrees with the brilliant adjective, but she’s only one in a billion. So to prove her wrong, I need a billion readers to agree with me. Well, maybe just a million.

Back to business!

Imagine this. Instead of going to Sturgis, South Dakota, thousands of Harley guys and gals on big Hogs, Sportsters and Softails ride to DC and show Mr. Narcissist what they really think of him. I can hear the roar and picture all the fabulous tattoos and girls wearing helmets and bikinis. In the background, Bob Dylan is bellowing out a new folk tune screaming all about freedom and decency.

I’m there too, smoking a pipe and getting another wear out of my black cardigan sweater. Not really. My daughter convinced me to stop smoking over thirty years ago and I don’t own a black cardigan. But, I’ll be right there with the Harley leaders on my silver Softail and revving my engine. Not really… I will be watching it on TV and wishing. I’m actually afraid of being fatally maimed on the streets of LA.

Wait. To prove everything is not a total fantasy, I did have a cycle many years ago — a Honda 350. See, I am somewhat cool.

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3 thoughts on “MY FANTASY IS ALL ABOUT HARLEY DAVIDSON, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. As a rider on 2-wheels since 1971, I applaud your HD article. As past President of Hawk Performance, I saw literally over a million brake pads a year going to HD. As HD moved to Thailand to build more bikes, US HD suppliers will struggle to retain their supply positions. Dumb Donald is so clueless with his Tweeting “leadership!”


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