WHY DOES 1/3 OF OUR NATION STILL SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP? Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

In my last post, a number of followers soundly disagreed with my criticism of Donald Trump. Some disagreements came from groups that I belong to, and some from blog followers. Many of the comments focused on how Hillary and Obama are both liars; others focused on how I am out of touch with what is happening out there in the real world and am simply another left-leaning liberal. All the negative comments came from bright, articulate people.

Criticism isn’t fun, but part of my job as a psychiatrist is to really listen and do my best to set my own beliefs and prejudicial thinking aside. It’s also what I try to do when I’m just hanging out and living my life.

So; here’s what I think and why I think it.

Recently, I travelled down south and had the opportunity to visit Memphis, Tennessee and Natchez, Mississippi. Two things struck me. ONE: There are no jobs outside of the tourist industry! People are sick with worry about how to support themselves. TWO: The Bass-pro-sport hotel devoted to hunting and outdoor sports in Memphis is amazing. Shooting ranges, little ponds with boats on them and a whole indoor forest of trees would make most anyone consider learning how to shoot a gun. The NRA is VERY POWERFUL. The lure of the outdoors and our “call-of-the-wild” roots is alive and strong.

Survival and passion are deep-rooted and for most people inviolate. Donald Trump heard these people and his words reverberated. A pro-business and pro-NRA president is what they believe in and are willing to fight for.

Also, there are millions of people who absolutely hate the Clintons and the Obamas. They fear that Hillary’s lies about Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation are examples of who she is as a person, and that Obama’s negative stance on Israel was a horrible mistake and would be repeated by Clinton.

They felt and still feel that Trump will help business and his shaking up of Washington is a good thing.

I agree that we need change.

Please consider that the way Trump is handling security, his impulsive behavior and arrogant, omnipotent views are very dangerous for us as a nation. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with Clinton or Obama. It only means that you observe that the current person, Donald Trump, who was elected to foster change is not going about it in an adult manner. He is endangering our country by his belief that he knows more than our intelligence agencies and military. He said these things — They are not fake news.

Thank you for reading my blog and offering your comments.

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9 thoughts on “WHY DOES 1/3 OF OUR NATION STILL SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP? Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. The reason many millions of people support Donald Trump’s POLICIES (if not his rhetoric), was made clear in the UK 2 nights ago. These Islamic terrorists HATE us. They particularly HATE women and girls. Not just the terrorists. All Muslims subjugate women. I think it’s about time that you did a post on that topic, Art. Read this article. It will get you started. http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/why-it-matters-that-the-manchester-attack-targeted-girls-w483855


  2. Art,

    We need to dumpTrump as he’s a maniac. A new Ben & Jerry’s flavor imPEACH_MINT might help. Or we may need to wait for the 2018 elections with a lot of pissed off people to vote in a DEM majority. This scenario would leave Pelosi as Speaker, who could initiate the impeachment process to remove Trump. If there is dirt to remove Pence, then she could become the first woman president of the USA. It’s a scenario Frank Underwood from House of Cards would like.

    My best,


  3. I totally agree with your take on DT. I try not to utter the name, likening it to Voldomort in Harry Potter. The picture of him with the Russians reminded me of a child trying his best to be in with the ‘in crowd’ on the school playground. He is constantly seeking approval, and when it is denied he throws a tantrum. Then he returns to what makes him happy, adulation and so he runs to his adoring crowds at an ‘impromptu’ town meeting. That helps him know he is loved and all is right with his world again. Unfortunately, he is not living in an adult, mature, responsible world, he is living in his own gold bubble. Worse yet, the rest of America must tolerate this adult child, trying out different ways to act like a responsible adult. The 1/3 believes his fairy tale, because he made it sound like what they wanted to believe. They don’t want to lose that carnival ride he promised them, the pony ride at the birthday party. None of this is pretty, None of this is the norm, It will not end easily for the 1/3 or for him when reality sets in and he must settle for the responsibility of his real world. Hopefully, it will be a safe landing for the rest of us on this continent.


  4. Reaching out to people who have a point of different from our own and telling them we hear them, as you have done, is exactly what is needed now. Then those people can join with us to find a solution that benefits everyone before the 2018 elections.


  5. Art, as an X-Republican, I understand how Trump lovers cling to his persona. I did not leave the party. They left me. Republicans are not supporting veterans. They constantly cut veteran programs. The big money in politics today did a great job brainwashing millions of people. I admire your blog. Keep it up.

    Frankly, my POV is Trump should be Impeached. He is dangerous, a serial liar, and has already played golf 19 times in his first term. What a joke.


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