THE PRESIDENT AND HIS PREY: Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Donald Trump’s greatest skill is destroying his enemies and competitors. He has an uncanny ability to intuit a person’s weakness and do whatever is necessary to destroy him (or her).

He brings to mind the sense of smell that dogs and other carnivorous mammals have — 1 million to a thousand million times greater than humans have. Think bomb smelling and drug smelling dogs.

We have a president who has the ability to decipher an opponent’s weakness and then go in for the kill — name calling, devaluing or outright bullying. He’s really a winner at what he does because he lacks what most of us have — a conscience.

His lies and clever smoke screens are better than most of us can muster because he doesn’t feel guilt or the sense of responsibility that honesty demands.

What’s the answer? It’s the same answer that a deceived spouse acts upon quite often — if a spouse constantly lies and is incapable of change, divorce him.

How can the American people divorce a president who has no respect for the truth; who attacks people at a whim, including heads-of-state?

If our elected officials don’t do what they should, we need to speak out until they finally listen. It happened with the Vietnam Nam war and Richard Nixon’s lies and there is no rational reason it can’t happen now.

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9 thoughts on “THE PRESIDENT AND HIS PREY: Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. Indeed, how can one have any respect for a President who doesn’t tell the truth. I am, of course, referring to President Obama and his minions (Susan Rice, Sec of State Hillary Clinton) who lied about Benghazi. That left a very bad smell.
    How can one respect a President who does not stand in solidarity with a nation that suffers a great atrocity. I am, of course, referring to the huge no-show by President Obama, when every single other prominent head of state (German, France, Israel, and dozens of others) marched with in solidarity with millions of French people after the ISIS massacre of Charlie Hebdo writers.
    President Obama has the uncanny ability (and the slippery silver tongue) to sling the blarney: “I’m going to bring our troops home” [from Afghanistan? Iraq? does it matter?] BEFORE he got elected the first time … and sent 40 thousand troops over there AFTER he won the election. Was this a lie? A clever smokescreen?
    The current comparisons of Trump to Nixon and Watergate are totally bogus. Nixon’s minions paid people to steal the Daniel Ellsberg papers. CREEP (the committee to re-elect the President) And they ALL lied about it under oath, including Nixon. Only John Dean told the truth. The others went to jail, and Nixon resigned in disgrace.
    The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President, who is perfectly within his rights to fire him. Comey investigated Sec of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and without consulting the Dept of Justice, went on TV to state that he saw no reason to prosecute her, even though she discussed and handled classified material. It was NOT his job to decide whether to prosecute her. The Dept of Justice should decide this, NOT the FBI director.
    Political partisanship is a thing gone wild. Formerly reputable news outlets, the NY Times, the Washington Post, are patently biased against Trump.
    But hey, let’s not let the facts get in the way of hatred.


    1. Thanks for your comments and continuing to read my blog. I really appreciate that. We definitely disagree, but your observations are not discounted and make sense. My intense dislike of our president is obvious and is based on his arrogance and omnipotence, plus a dozen other behaviors throughout the election and the last 100 plus days. Nevertheless, your opinion and willingness to express it, is very important.


      1. We definitely have different opinions about this president, the previous one and Hillary Clinton for that matter. As the daughter of a print journalist, I am appalled at what passes for “news” these days. Reports citing “media sources” are taken as gospel. The true facts never appear. Snide hints and rumors abound. Sad. My father is turning over in his grave.


  2. Art, if the majority party in Congress doesn’t do what it should, they could find themselves on the outside looking in.
    My first cousin who is the author of the book An American Moment and longtime student of government came up with an interesting scenario the other day. If there are more smoking guns, disasters like the UNhealthy care bill to replace the affordable care act, and town halls with citizens increasingly expressing their unhappiness, the Republicans could possibly lose the House and also the Senate in 2018. That would then leave Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house and the first woman speaker. She would then be able to start impeachment proceedings against “not my president” and even Pence if there was any evidence or suspicion of any wrong doing. Assuming both were removed from office, I believe that the speaker of the house would then become president. That’s a scenario I believe Frank Underwood from House of Cards would find interesting.

    My best,

    Mike Busman


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