POLITICS THE NEW WAY, by Art Smukler MD, psychiatrist

How many political beatings does it take before ethical politicians understand that the world as they know it has changed?

The last fiasco was Elizabeth Warren’s silly response to Trump’s challenge that she really didn’t have the DNA of an American Indian. Instead of doing the test and giving Trump the joy of saying, “who cares?” she could have psychologically taken him down. To take Trump literally is to attack him on his own turf — a BIG MISTAKE! He is an immature, misogynistic bully but a brilliant name-caller and a consummate liar.

Stormy Daniels is way on to him. She’s been around the block so many times she’d make Trump’s head spin. She called him TINY! That was brilliant. Tiny Trump is the little man in the White House. The little man with the baby ego who has to prove to the world what a big, smart boy he is.

The way I see it, it’s like what happened during the war for independence against Britain. The British lined up rows and rows of soldiers and our guys jumped out of trees, leaped out of bushes, and did what agile tactical soldiers do; they didn’t let an ancient way of doing battle defeat them. Winning the war called for a change in strategy.

If the democrats can’t change their strategy, they and all of us will lose. We watched horrified as Trump named-called every one of his Republican adversaries and won the nomination. What if Jeb Bush really fought back effectively and addressed Trump as Tiny Trump, the needy little man who lies, cheats and won’t show his taxes. Would you want this immature braggart as president! Today, Jeb might just be sitting in the Oval Office.

Please remember from many of my older posts. I am not anti-conservative. I am anti-lying, anti-disrespect for women, anti-LGBT attacks, pro-solving the immigrant issue with dignity and respect for families, and pro-respect for education and scientific facts.

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2 thoughts on “POLITICS THE NEW WAY, by Art Smukler MD, psychiatrist

  1. Art: Your article is on target. Regards from GA. It’s rewarding work but so far not enough contact with those affected. Doing a lot of damage assessment. Long days, 12hrs. Regards to Linda.

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    1. Hey Bob; Thanks. I’m impressed with what you’re doing. After playing tennis I took a nap. Maybe I need you to resuscitate me? Don’t pound too hard on my chest. After 76 years, who knows what it can take? Seriously, best wishes and take care of yourself. I don’t want anyone pounding on your chest! Art


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