Donald Trump probably has more money than the net worth of every psychiatrist on the planet. What he doesn’t have is the respect of most psychiatrists and the respect of at least 66% of the population of the United States. I know how he can turn this around within twenty-four hours. Plus, this advise is free. It’s for the good of our country and to save all of us from the continued chaos that surrounds the White House and the entire government.

Mr. Trump, you say you are a smart man. You brag about your education from Wharton School of Business. Why are you not doing the three things that would unravel all the criticism and anger towards yourself?

One. Let the world see your taxes. You say you’re not involved with Russia. Prove it! Then there’s nowhere for anyone to go except to say, Sorry. You have been treated unfairly.

Two. Apologize for your immature name-calling. I saw the expression on your face when you gave a group of young children candy in the Oval Office. You looked like a kind and gentle man. That is what our country needs. Not a clever wise-ass who disrespects his peers and anyone who crosses him. Maybe your counter-punching works in the marketplace, but not when three hundred million people are depending on you. Being respectful and gentle doesn’t mean you can’t be tough when world decisions (like North Korea) depend on it.

Three. Admit you called Africa and Haiti shitholes, AND MAKE AMENDS! Call the leaders of these countries and do what a normal, healthy, caring person would do. SAY YOU ARE SORRY! Too much to say sorry? Then LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE. You are not fit to serve as our leader.

Respectfully, Art Smukler MD

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4 thoughts on “THREE RESPECTFUL RECOMMENDATIONS TO A DISRESPECTFUL MAN, from Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. Very good advice, but Art, if he could do what you suggest, he wouldn’t be Donald Trump. He would be another person altogether.


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