WHAT CAN 44 BILLION BUY? by Art Smukler, MD, author & psychiatrist

Well, it can of course buy Twitter. Just ask Elon Musk. Is it fun, Mr. Musk, having millions of people furious that you have so much control? I don’t think that it really bothers him. Perhaps being the richest man in the world or sadly now the 2nd richest, buys a lot of FU money? Also, he can afford the mere 44 bill. If you’re angry at him, just drop off Twitter. Not so complicated. If everyone ignored Twitter it would soon be worth 0 Billion. On the other hand, he really makes a great car. Seriously, Tesla is terrific. Spend your time reading about E cars and ignore Twitter. Maybe that’s the solution?

But, let’s think about it. What can 44 billion buy? 20 or so Empire State buildings. Really! It would cost approximately 1.4 billion to buy one.

It can buy ocean liners, many many planes, Fortune 100 companies like Kraft and Ford etc., thousands of houses, it can get millions of homeless people off the street, build dozens and dozens of acute psychiatric hospitals, and on and on.

So everyone. Come up with a new good idea. Make some money. Buy what you want. If people are angry that you’re driving around in a Tesla rather than a beater, that’s their problem. It would also be nice if you donated your new found millions and billions to build psychiatric hospitals and help get the psychiatrically ill a safe place to get treatment so they can pay it back and become productive and happy.

Also, buy NINE NORTH and THE REAL STORY. You’ll love them.

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