What’s it like to live in the shadow of a controversial icon? To work for the icon, to be compared to him, to be accused of getting a job because of nepotism, to be told that he should leave and become his own man?

It must be tough.

In my mind, it takes a tough man to withstand criticism and know that his own values are more important than the criticism of those who have nothing better to do than devalue and second guess.

JoePa is breaking new geriatric ground every year he leads the Nittany Lions.

JayPa is the voice of a younger generation, a man who does what he loves, where he loves it, and doesn’t let critics and potential bullies change his path. He can follow in his father’s footsteps because he loves football, Penn State, his father, and most importantly, himself. It’s hard to bully a man with high self esteem.

Both father and son have their own set of unique values. It is a pleasure to see courage in action.


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