Recently, I kept forgetting a neighbor’s first name. I’ll call him Jack. Jack was someone I’d seen dozens of times; so it made no sense. I’m neither brain-damaged nor on the verge of Alzheimer’s.

One morning, while mulling over a cup of coffee at my favorite Starbucks, I started thinking about an old friend. Because of time and distance we drifted apart. It struck me how hurt and angry I felt that he hadn’t made more of an effort to stay close. On the other hand, neither had I.

That afternoon, I called him and we arranged a long overdue visit. When we finally got together, after a few awkward moments, it didn’t take long to remember how special the relation was to both of us. It felt like we’d never been apart. You guessed it, his name was Jack.

I don’t forget my neighbor’s name anymore.

Please share any disguised messages that your unconscious has sent you.

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8 thoughts on “DOES YOUR UNCONSCIOUS SEND YOU DISGUISED SIGNALS? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. My unconscious is really a saboteur. I have had major writing success in the past but after a period of hiatus due to personal matters, my attempts to resurrect this career has been meeting with resistance. Every time I am on a roll (completing a book under contract or in the works) I encounter health issues. What does one conclude from the fact that one is standing in her own way by projecting this type of block? I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.


    1. Hi. Your question is a tough one. It’s hard deciphering medical problems versus psychological issues. The most efficient way (not a quick method) is to examine your dreams, fantasies and perhaps spending time just writing your thoughts in a random manner (free association). Hopefully a pattern will emerge.


      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have had a few nightmare type dreams. Will try to keep a record as you mentioned. I so appreciate your response.


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