DANGER! SILENCE MAY PROVOKE THINKING, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

I’m not kidding!

When was the last time you drove in your car without the radio, Sirius or a book on CD?  It can be dangerous driving without background noise, because it forces one to actually listen to the voice in his own head.

Is the voice saying you’re angry or unhappy or in love? When it finally registers what it’s saying, that’s when the fun or the trouble starts. Understanding your feelings is the beginning of potentially making decisions that can change your life. Improve your marriage? Start a new business? Have that long avoided heart-to-heart with a friend?

All is possible, and change, when understood and carefully examined, can be a wonderful experience — or not. Let the silence in. It will be filled with the words that come from a place you may have been avoiding.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Inside the mind of a Psychiatrist. It may help amp up those voices so you can decipher them better.

5 thoughts on “DANGER! SILENCE MAY PROVOKE THINKING, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. This is so true, Art. There’s so much extraneous noise out there we can easily let **** crowd out our own thoughts – and stop us listening to our inner voice. Silence is good sometimes.
    Regards, Tom


  2. Art,
    I often have the radio or music off when I’m cruising around in my old, 1979 FIAT X 1/9. Generally the things in my head are 1) the pleasure of driving winding roads with the top off, and 2) what are the next incremental little repairs or improvements I’m going to make? Quite often I’m daydreaming these things and miss my exit. The best thing about all of this is that I’m relaxed and the thought of WORK and the JOB doesn’t enter my head until the reality of Monday morning sets in.


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