SHOULD DONALD TRUMP CHANGE HIS BRAND? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Before Donald Trump ran for president, my naive impression of him was that he was a brilliant businessman. The Art of the Deal, was who he was. When we travelled to places that had a Trump Resort, I saw it as a place where people of means could enjoy a luxurious experience — pricey but worth the value.

Now, if someone gave me a free week at anything associated with the Trump brand, I’d refuse. His brand, in my mind, has changed from gold to feces.

What? You say. How can that have happened?

Simple. I now picture the man as Baby Huey, sitting all dressed up in his blue suit in the oval office.

With his simple-minded take on the world, and self-aggrandizing approach to governing, he has devalued a position I once held in high esteem, The Presidency of the United States. People I respect don’t impulsively tweet abusive, devaluing comments whenever the urge comes upon them.
“I’m a counter-puncher” Donald Trump says, as if that makes it all okay.

Part of being president is to set an example that children and adults can try to emulate. OMG. What if everyone took off the gloves and did and said whatever they wanted? Chaos…

I disagreed with much that both President Obama and President Bush did, but they were both respectful adults. I’d love to spend time with either of them and I have dozens of questions that I’d love to discuss and debate.

Donald Trump needs to change his brand from the impulsive pop-culture, “You’re Fired” to the sensitive, “Tell me more why you think I’m such a jerk so I can do my best to change.” The chances of that happening are less than Global Warming spontaneously going away.

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4 thoughts on “SHOULD DONALD TRUMP CHANGE HIS BRAND? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art,
    You discuss that part of being president is to set an example that others can emulate. I call that acting presidential. Two actors who come across as being presidential are Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen. Unfortunately, it seems that the Donald acts more like Charlie Sheen.

    My best,


  2. I’ve been reading your emails regularly for a few years it seems and they are well written, concise, and to the point. And I generally agree with them but especially today’s. I was a penn state undergrad 72-76. I then came back and worked at The Pathfinder until 81. One of my kids graduated in 2015 and I have two there now. It’s a great place. I will be there for Arts Fest this July 14-16. Maybe we can shake hands. Richard Goldberg.



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