ARE THERE ANY ETHICAL LAWYERS OUT THERE? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

Harvard Law professor emeritus, Alan Dershowitz, just stated on Meet the Press that the Trump team is playing into the hands of Mueller’s team. By not speaking in a single narrative they are hurting themselves and Trump’s defense.

That’s all probably true. After all, who would challenge a man of Dershowitz’s stature?

What I’m challenging is how Dershowitz and so many of the erudite legal minds are so readily agreeing with this approach. I know that everyone is entitled to the best defense they can get, with or without money, but does anyone care about the truth?

Trump overtly lies and the great legal minds figure out more ways for him to get away with it!

Something is terribly wrong with our system! Something is terribly wrong with how our law schools are turning out thousands of new lawyers every year who support this twisted and damaged approach to justice. Lying and manipulation are everyday occurrences especially from places as erudite as Harvard. If you are the smartest and the best trained, you can learn even better ways to dupe others.

Trump lied and manipulated for years, in many aspects of his business. His mantra, while he was running for president, was that he didn’t settle cases. Sue me! Then he would turn his legal minions into torturing people who honestly and honorably wanted to get paid or be treated justly.

If Trump is being supported by great legal minds and great institutions, what hope does a normal, average person have to be treated with justice? What hope do we have unless men and women of Dershowitz’s stature come forward and change the culture by which lawyers and educators are taught?

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