WHAT TRUMP HAS IS WORSE THAN MENTAL ILLNESS, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

Often through the years, I’ve told patents that being aware of how they suffer is special, that a lot of people are incapable of psychological insight, they just do what they do without any ability to see how their behavior affects others.

A sociopath is untreatable. Many of them reside in our prison system, because they don’t belong in a world of trusting, ethical people. They lie, cheat, steal, and create all kinds of violent mayhem without a touch of guilt. They are incapable of feeling guilt, therefore they can do whatever they want as long as no-one stops them.

Sociopaths only feel bad when they are caught and punished. Not because they hurt anyone, but because their ability to cause harm or steal etc. is thwarted.

Like all sociopaths, Trump is a danger to anyone who tries to stop him. Lucky Donald has many mini-Trumps (little Republicans) who aid his destructive world view.

How many Americans would still be alive if HE wore a mask?

How many restaurants and stores would be open if HE advocated social distancing?


Oh… and what about Russia? What leverage does Putin have on Trump?

The cabinet and Pence have the ability to deem Trump incapable of keeping us safe and remove him from office.

Will they do it?


It’s depressing and disgusting.

If you enjoyed reading, Inside the Mind of a Psychiatrist, you might also enjoy Dr. Smukler’s novels – Chasing Backwards, a psychological murder mystery, Skin Dance, a mystery, and The Man with a Microphone in his Ear. All are available as paperbacks and eBooks.

4 thoughts on “WHAT TRUMP HAS IS WORSE THAN MENTAL ILLNESS, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. I totally agree. His neglect and lies and distortions about the corona virus has caused untold death and destruction of our economy.


  2. Art,
    With a month to go I just wish he would face the invevitable and pardon the kids, resign, have Pence pardon him for Federal crimes, and let AG Letitia James from New York and Cy Vance, Jr. go after all of them for state related crimes. Orange jump suits and Rikers Island make a nice thought.
    My best for a pleasant holiday season and stay safe.



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