I’ve been busy putting the final touches on, NINE NORTH, my latest novel, due to come out next week, but all I can think about is Elon Musk’s latest tweet advocating that all his followers should vote Republican. Elon Musk said that he wants to put Trump back on Twitter. It is horrifying!

Can you imagine if Musk took the 42 billion dollars that he used to purchase Twitter to help get the homeless off the streets or build new psychiatric hospitals or fight cancer or support women’s rights?

Vote for ethical honest candidates!

Liz Cheney is a person whose political ideas don’t all mesh with mine. But, she is a person who had the courage to stand up to the Republican bullies and Trumpies who are on the verge of ruining our country.

In my mind she is a hero.

So is Obama.

So is Joe Biden.

Don’t let greed and bigotry win. Vote for truthful, honorable people.

Tuesday is the day. If you haven’t yet voted, do it now.

After the election, check out THE REAL STORY, a mystery. Next week, get ready for NINE NORTH.

9 thoughts on “NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROTECTING DEMOCRACY, by Art Smukler, MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art,
    Looking forward to NINE NORTH. Regarding protection of our democracy, the GOP gerrymandering, refusal to accept mail in ballots for a missing date even if received on time, and other voter suppression efforts are scary. I’m too old to canvass neighborhoods anymore, not expressive enough to be good at phone banking, but I have been text banking quite a bit the past couple of months. And making donations to worthy candidates like Marcus Flowers, who is running against Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia. Finally, we share similar opinions of Liz Cheney.

    My best,



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