A POLE DANCE CONTEST IS HAPPENING IN RIO! by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Like pole dancing? Now there’s a world contest for, hold on to your wallets, both women and men.
Over 130 dancers from 36 countries are competing in a 3 day contest where judges evaluate the artistic ability and difficult moves to choose the winner. He or she gets a prize of $35,000. The contestants are amazing athletes!

No sleeze? No slimey guys drooling over girls 1/3 their age? What’s this world coming to?

When I published Skin Dance, a mystery, I did my research in “old school” bars and actually took a class in “How to run your own strip bar”.
If I’d only known about Rio!

But, if you’re interested in a psychological mystery that starts in the kind of strip bar that has nothing to do with a healthy sports environment, you’ll love, Skin Dance, a mystery.

If you figure out what’s going on before the end, the next beer is on me.

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