The mind of this psychiatrist is very focused on the porn star Stormy Daniels (real name is Stephanie Clifford), and her alleged affair with Donald Trump. What? Another sicko shrink obsessed and focused on sex? Untrue! Not sicko! But yes, definitely a shrink and yes on sex and obsessed.

There was a recent study in the Journal of Sex Research showing that men think about sex 19 times a day and women 10 times a day. Another obscure tally shows that men think about sex 7 times a minute! Wow. Not much time to become a gold-plated billionaire…

On 1/26/18 Stormy visited a Vegas strip club and allowed some “lucky” men to take pictures with her and fondle her breasts. Hmm. I wasn’t there and didn’t do any fondling, but I read about it in the LA Times. My wife was sitting right beside me at the breakfast table. Honest!

So why should a shrink be obsessed and interested in strippers, sex and very attractive Stormy Daniels? Well, since you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you anyway. I wrote SKIN DANCE, a mystery, about a psychiatrist, Jake Robb, who goes to a strip bar and what follows is an exercise in psychological prowess and courage (I actually took a course in how to start and run a strip bar — background research!).

But, why do so many men avail themselves the services of prostitutes and strippers when they are married and supposedly happy? Molly Bloom, in the recent movie MOLLY’S GAME said it well. She was running a high-stakes poker game in Los Angeles and one of the players told her how much he loved her. She responded (I’m paraphrasing), “You all love me. I surround you with all the forbidden things — sexy women, alcohol, gambling, and someone showing you a lot of attention without the expectation that you have to give it back. All the things you don’t get at home.” Men may make a lot of money and score touchdowns, but deep inside are needy and long for love (often in the form of sex).

So Donald Trump had a pregnant wife, wasn’t getting his share of validation and “intimacy with release” and sought it elsewhere. Somewhat understandable — especially if one is a full-out narcissist. So he chose a consenting porn star (Not from Russia), paid her a lot of money, and then more money to keep it hush-hush. No law against any of it. Stormy wasn’t coerced or threatened; she sold sex for profit to a lonely, needy man.

This is the most understandable of Trump’s many HUGE transgressions. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this was the one that finally brought him down?

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“Oh yeah?” He took a jumper cable, held one end in his huge fist and the large clip in the other fist. He grunted, and ripped the large clip off the end of the cable wire.
“What?” I yelled.
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