OUR GOVERNMENT IN ACTION. GIVE ME A BREAK! by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

I heard the great news that the US government was able to hack the Apple phone that the San Bernadino terrorists used.

Even as I felt a momentary sense of relief, another vague feeling began its slow ascent from my gut into my head. There was something wrong. Very wrong.

Why would anyone ever divulge this important fact? Now not only is Apple going to make it more difficult to get information from its devices, but every twisted, sadistic terrorist will look for a new way to communicate with his satanic, perverted, religious handler.

Granted, I spend a lot of time reading and writing all types of mystery/spy/intrigue/etc. novels and posts, I can’t be the only one who once again thinks our government needs a course in how-to-run-a-government.

Why else would a man like Donald Trump have made such a powerful connection with millions of Americans? Under normal circumstances there is no way to like this person except to plead for a comped hotel room. Why? He is joyfully challenging almost every “politically correct” concept that so many of us have for years knew were flawed.

His immature, impulsive, narcissistic style is beyond acceptable. The problem is that some of his concepts are very logical.

Secure our borders, CAREFULLY vet all Muslims with even a hint of too much zealous religiosity, make “allies” like Saudi Arabia pay their fair share, fix our trade deficit etc.

Truth be told, I could never vote for such a man.

I’m feeling the Bern.

But, I very much want our government to change!

Art Smukler is an award-winning psychiatrist and author of Chasing Backwards, a psychological murder mystery, Skin Dance, a mystery, and The Man with a Microphone in his Ear. All are available as paperbacks and eBooks

14 thoughts on “OUR GOVERNMENT IN ACTION. GIVE ME A BREAK! by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art, I agree with much of what you say. However, I strongly disagree about allowing Muslims refugees into the USA. Administration officials have admitted they cannot “vet” them. It is not a question of being careful. Many have no paperwork. It is impossible.
    I saw the blood in the streets here in Boston after the Marathon bombing. We brought these 2 barbaric predator Muslims into our state and gave them everything: housing assistance, free education, food stamps for the indigent older brother when he converted an American woman to Islam and got her pregnant. And what did they do? They turned on us. Now 200 people who used to have two legs have only one … or none. Not to mention 5 dead people.
    BTW, the Imam in the Cambridge mosque where he mouthed off against the US and its citizens never told the police. None of the other Muslims who heard him told the police.

    ALL Muslims subjugate women, headscarves, cover every inch of skin, pray in separate rooms, genital mutilation, yes, right here in the USA. Many, if not most, men seem oblivious to this.
    No one has given a rational explanation for why we must transport all these refugees so many miles to the US [and UK and Germany] when there are Muslim countries MUCH closer: All of the Arab states in the Middle East and Iran. But these countries dont WANT them.
    Trump suggests we use the US/UK occupied areas of Syria to house these refugees until they can return to their own cities. Let NATO and the UN and the Arab states help pay for this. In this instance, I agree with Trump.
    But like you, Art, I’m feeling the Bern … Go Bernie!


    1. Really well said. If we are to change the way we behave, all Muslims have to take responsibility for identifying the terrorists among them. No other religious culture is as anti-acceptance or anti women’s rights. It is truly shocking and horrifying.


  2. Art,
    I don’t know if this responds to your post, but the link below (or copy and paste the text into your browser) offers a logical and diabolical reason why Trump is running for President.


    The link is to a post by my first cousin, who also happens to be the author of the book, American Moment. In college, he majored in Government and has been a close observer of our increasingly divisive and dysfunctional political system. I’m not plugging his book, but he has done extensive research into issues such as healthcare, inferior education for our kids versus other countries, foreign policy over the past 20 years, defense, as well as other issues.

    His post presents some interesting theories that Trump doesn’t want to be President, but wants to be known as the individual who brought down the GOP. It’s an interesting read.

    My best,


      1. I just read it, too. Very cogently written. However, I’m not certain anyone can get Hilary elected, not even The Donald. If he ran on a third party, he might even win. Just gather all the disgruntled Bernie supporters and he’s all set. Last time I checked Hillary’s negatives were almost as high as Trumps.


  3. So is the Bern a rational man? Seems to me, he and the rest are all quite narcissistic or they wouldn’t take such a broad leap….and profess the ability to run this gigantic, complicated country. Bern, who virtually has no experience accept as a senator (small s) from a very small state, actually wants to take your money and give it to me. And why not, I need it more than you. And when you have no money to pay your taxes, you and I will be broke. No big deal…we will blame it on the government. Why are ‘rational’ people so obsessed with voting for someone who makes broad, sweeping statements? Must be we just don’t get enough bs stuffed down our throats. Or we decide enough is enough and we let an ‘honest’ narcissistic man try and get the job done. The good old boys have failed, the liberal black guy who played the Hope and Change card has failed and the old woman who wants to be first, lives on the shirt tail of an unfaithful, flawed shuckster. No mystery to me, This current who-dun-it reflects the voice of the people who pay the bills and who are fed up with ‘professionals’ who think they can talk themselves out of a bucket full of trouble (sh…t). Time to get rid of politicians. No couch needed.


    1. My best friend constantly makes the same points as you and asks the same question – why are rational people voting for someone who makes broad, sweeping statements? The answer is those broad sweeping statements address the things that have to be fixed if anything else is going to work. No domestic or foreign policy can work unless these things are addressed with urgency. No rational person thinks this can happen in a day, but it must be made very clear to Washington that a lot of Americans are clamoring for change. Every vote is a voice speaking out. When you add them up, it’s a loud shout – and a warning of what could happen in 2018 to the political careers of those who have chosen to be deaf.


    2. Do not underestimate Bernie. You are incorrect when you cite his credentials. He was Mayor of Burlington, the capitol of Vermont for several years. Then he was elected to Congress. Then the Senate.
      His policies re Wall Street and big banks and campaign finance reform are very similar to Trump’s. Broad sweeping statements? Ha. Have you listened to Obama lately? ISIS is a JV team. ISIS is under control. ISIS is no threat to the U.S. No. The Fort Hood shooting by the Muslim fanatic was “workplace violence.”
      Hilary has Bill and lots of big money supporters, but she lacks one very important thing. She CAN’T FAKE SINCERITY. People trust Bernie because he doesn’t need to fake it. He is sincere. He does care about the middle and lower class Americans who have been destroyed by the Clinton-Bush-Obama trade deals.


  4. Well spoken, but in addition to being a ringing condemnation of the politicians who prowl the jungle that is our political system, does this not also indicate an infection of collective psychosis in a frighteningly large percentage of our population?

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