THE BRILLIANT LESSON DONALD TRUMP TAUGHT US, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

Who wouldn’t want 10 billion dollars?

I would. Then when the market tanked I’d still have a few billion left for coffee at Starbucks and gasoline, even if we dumped the immoral Saudis.

So what did the great man teach us? It is the same lesson that we were all taught as kids… Money can’t buy happiness or class.

To be frank, there were times I didn’t believe it, but I forgot two important facts. I’ve always had friends, and I never enjoyed hurting others. In fact, the value of helping others is often immeasurable.

Just look at the way other world leaders, including fellow United States Presidents, act around this man. They can barely hide their contempt. Let’s think about it. Contempt is a good word for someone who thinks he can bully and buy his way to respect and dignity. IT DOESN’T WORK.

I get it that in 2016 a third of our country was desperate for a change that would get them a decent wage and a means to support their families.

Well, what they got was a guy who only pretends to care about those who voted for him. Ask the working guy if the tax break helped. Ask GM workers if the job promise worked… Ask Dreamers if he helped them? Ask his good friends Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen how they feel about being threatened for telling the truth. And on and on…

But hopefully most of us still have what Donald Trump is incapable of having – good friends, dignity, and an approach to life that includes respect for others and the ability to share love.

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