Every year 2 million wildebeests and 800,000 zebra and gazelles form a super herd and race 0ver 500 miles through Kenya — Masa Mara, and Tanzania, –Serengeti, in search of lush grass. They follow the rains. Each year 250,000 Wildebeests die from exhaustion, malnutrition or dehydration.

Soon over 50 Republican Senators can join the pilgrimage and follow their selfish, arrogant leader into oblivion. The more he panders himself to foreign despots who have given him billions of dollars, the more passive and stupid they have become.

Think about it. At least the almost 3 million African animals are in search of food and survival, a sort-of noble cause. The 50 Republican senators are in search of a smile from their lying, uneducated leader whose only object is to feed himself and his family more money at the expense of decency and logic.

The House of representatives have replaced 40 mindless Republicans. Soon many mindless Republican senators will be gone.

There is hope. It only takes a handful of men and women in the senate to change this craziness. We were born with brains. USE YOURS! DON’T BE A WILDEBEEST!

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