Twenty plus years ago, a guy I know suggested that ten of us pitch in and buy a unit at Trump Tower in NYC. We each needed to pony up around $100,000. Well, it seemed like a lot of money and we didn’t do it. Years later we all lamented what a great investment it would have been.

It points out a lamentable fact. You can’t predict what a person is truly like until you have an opportunity to really get to know him. Well, we now know Trump. A name-calling, bigoted, misogynistic, immature, bully who has disgraced the presidency. Oh, did I forget to mention, dumb…? Who in his right mind would call Don Lemon, Lebron James and anyone who disagrees with him dumb? We know who! All his money certainly didn’t buy class, sophistication or good manners. I picture him walking IN FRONT of the queen of England with absolutely no clue as to how inelegant and stupid he appeared.

There are laws that make it a professional obligation for physicians to report any patient who is a danger to himself or to others. I agree with that law. It protects all of us from someone who has the capacity to do himself or us harm.

I hereby report to followers of Inside The Mind of a Psychiatrist that Donald Trump is a threat to all of us. His crass insensitivity and overt lies are not amusing or just political. His shameless attacks on Hispanics, Blacks and WOMEN is obscene. His denial of global warming is ignorant. His collaboration with Putin horrifying! ETC. HE IS ENDANGERING EVERYTHING THAT OUR COUNTRY IS FOUNDED ON!

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4 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN TRUMP STOOD FOR QUALITY AND ELEGANCE? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art,

    Although the list of his positive attributes is endless, let’s not for starters forget the emoluments issue or his glorious history of stiffing design professionals and contractors who worked on his buildings and hotels.

    My best,



  2. Art: Everything you have said about, DT is absolutely true. Unfortunately, he is exactly the same man that he was 20 years ago, and 40 years ago. He did not evolve as he grew older. If he didn’t have the his monetary foundation to support his clothing, cars, planes etc., he would just be another dirty old man, ogling young women and making lewd comments. Same person, a slug, a blight and without his money, he would have been thrown in jail for fraud, lewd conduct, etc. etc. etc. For the American People, many knew what he was, many have awakened to regret their choice, and others are praying that he will come to his senses and be the president in whom they had placed their faith. But their is another segment that has come out of the complacency of America, they voted for him, love him, think that he is the best thing since that AR-15, unlocked in the front hall closet. Now they can speak up, fight, taunt and beat up or shoot, anyone who looks at them the wrong way, is not quite white, or God forbid, gets in line at a coffee shop. Yep, the slugs that have been kept underground, have risen up like a festering boil ready to pop. Most Americans didn’t realize they were there, but now this deadly minority is thrilled to have the man of their dreams allowing them freedoms they were too cowardly to come forth with before. God help all of America!


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