THOUGHTS ON TIME TRAVEL, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

My trip back in time started this morning, with an innocent glance at the sports news.

The Big Ten just closed a blockbuster, seven year, seven billion dollar TV deal, to start in 2023. That’s a lot of money! All college athletes, nomatter what their sport, will benefit, as will the individual universities.

From there my mind wandered to Penn State football. Two weeks and the new season begins.

And from there, I was transported back to the sixties – Vietnam, Joe Paterno, JFK, Bay of Pigs, LBJ, Marching against the war… The 1964 NYC World’s Fair.

My mind spun faster and faster and faster and I was tossed back to a time that I hadn’t thought about in decades – the middle of the Spring Quarter of my senior year.

I got the intense idea that I needed to escape.

I tossed my suitcase in the trunk of my old Plymouth Valliant and set out to The Big Apple. The fact that I only had a few hundred bucks didn’t seem to bother me. Nothing bothered me! Genetics, histology, and biochemistry would just have to wait until I got back.

It was a six hour trip from State College to NYC. Halfway there, I somewhat came to my senses. Where would I stay? How much was food? Gas didn’t cost much, but my car only got 10-12 mpg and I would quickly run out of money.

I remembered a girl who had an apartment in the The Village. At the next gas station, I called information. The operator got me her number, and she hesitantly agreed that I could stay with her. She made me promise that whatever I saw or did at her place had to remain a secret.

I 100% agreed. Her secret would never leave my lips. In all these years, it never did.

What was the secret?

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