TODDLERS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

I’ve voted for both Republicans and Democrats. It’s safe to say that my mind is steeped in bipartisanship. But now, without a doubt, I am horrified by the immaturity of the Republican Party, by the twisted baby thinking of men and women who never grew up.

Whether you like or dislike Obamacare, it is a law that was passed by congress and authorized by the Supreme Court. Because Republicans don’t like the law, they are having a public temper tantrum. It reminds me of a toddler who is told that it’s his bedtime and he screams and screams because that’s not what he wants to do.

So much of what children believe is based on fantasy and a sense that “I want what I want when I want it.” It is grandiose and destructive and often places the child in danger.

Watching these babies pretend they are adults is a lesson in how we shouldn’t behave. It is a lesson that every teacher, in every social studies and political science class, should stop everything and focus on.

It is an opportunity to teach future politicos about how not to govern; so our country can be led and kept safe by rational adults.

It only takes one or two brave men or women to stand up to the toddlers. Lead your party out of this immature, dangerous chaos and both republicans and democrats will reward you with their votes.

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