Last week at a dinner party, a friend asked what jobs we had when we were in high school and college. One woman, a psychotherapist, related that she was a sales girl in a department store.

“I loved that job,” she said, a smile lighting up her pretty features. “I’ve always had an interest in fashion; so when I was assigned to the clothing department it was a treat.” She laughed. “But in my experience, waiting on women was a lot different from waiting on men.”

“How?” One of the men at the table asked.

Interestingly, all the women at the table smiled, like they all ready knew what to expect.

“Well, let’s say a woman came in looking for a sweater. She had dozens of questions regarding color, weight, texture, type of wool, design features… Finally, after a major discussion on changing styles, that might challenge Yves St. Laurent, she’d sigh and say, ‘I’ll think about it’.

“Men on the other hand were a riot. One nice looking guy, maybe forty, came in and said, ‘I’d like a sweater’.

“What kind?”

“A sweater.”

“Wool? Cotton? Ribbed? Cashmere? Light? Heavy? Color? What’s it for? A special event?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Let me show you some sweaters,” I said, and led him to a table filled with dozens of winter sweaters. He looked at the first pile, picked up a sweater, unfolded it, held it up to his chest and nodded. “This will be great. Thanks. I appreciate your help.”

“As I was writing up the sale, he said, ‘What do ya think about the Eagles chances against the Forty-Niners?’

“Huh”, I said.

“You know, the Eagles?”

“The baseball team?”

“He stared at me for a few moments and then with a smile said, ‘The sweater is really nice, thanks’.”

“Thank you!” I said, and waved goodbye.

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