EVIL IN THE WHITE HOUSE, by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

For quite a while, I’ve done the impossible – kept my mouth shut and my computer off with things pertaining to Donald Trump. But no more. I can’t tolerate his lies and the way that so many Republicans support and chuckle that what he’s doing is okay.

Everyday there is a new lie.

Everyday another person is attacked or fired for disagreeing with him.

Everyday he performs another outlandish action that hurts our country.

No mask. Get close. The virus is a Democratic disease blah, blah.

It’s sickening. I personally know a number of people who STILL support this manipulating sadist. I will not invite these people into my home. I can’t respect anyone who supports his brand of absolute utter disdain for the rules of law and accepts his abuse of power. If you support him, you condone name-calling, bullying, lying and on and on.

Will they care? Of course not. But I care!

If we don’t speak out against Trump – shame on us! His behavior and the behavior of his followers has created chaos and death.

Can you believe that he refused to allow a ship with COVID passengers to debark on our shores because IT WOULD MAKE THE NUMBERS HIGHER AND HE WOULDN’T LOOK GOOD. You can’t make this stuff up! He said it!

Even if you don’t agree with all the politics of Democrats, in all conscience please DO NOT SUPPORT Trump or his sycophants.

In the world of psychiatry not everything can be chalked up to underlying conflicts and the need to uncover unconscious motives. Spending even one second trying to reason with a psychopath is useless. I already know why Trump does what he does. Power! Greed! THE INABILITY TO EVER THINK OF SOMEONE BUT HIMSELF.

Whatever Trump says is a lie. That’s my new general rule and advice on how to deal with him. Even if his actual words are accurate, ALWAYS suspect his motivation.

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