SO YOU WANNA VOTE FOR TRUMP? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

I KNOW, you’ve already decided. You don’t like the way he acts, BUT he’s for Israel or he’s good for the economy or he’s pro-life or he’s pro-guns or you agree with him and think science is over-rated or you just like assholes…

Wait! The asshole thing was just a joke.

Hear me out! So silly. How can you hear someone out when you’re reading? Well, if you got this far, just be a little more patient.

Being a one or two issue guy or lady is understandable, but voting for a proven liar and thief is not cool. It’s stupid. EVERY person who works for him is a liar. Everyone!

Rationalize all you want, but the whole world thinks he’s an idiot. THE WHOLE WORLD! Only Putin, another liar and thug, may think he’s terrific. Why? Because Putin can manipulate him.

Should you care about the underprivileged? Should you care that poor people can also get healthcare? Should you care that Trump is one of the most obnoxious liars and thieves in modern times?

Yes. Please, yes. Care.

Vote with pride and compassion.

You’ll still be able to ride your Harley. You’ll still be able to use a weapon to protect your family and you’ll still be able to have all the babies you want or not…

And the market will do fine. Even Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban of Shark Tank fame, support Biden.

Please help get that malevolent creep out of our sight.

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7 thoughts on “SO YOU WANNA VOTE FOR TRUMP? by Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

  1. I still feel that there are so many supporters who believe in greed, conspiracy theories and feel you are deluded. When reality hits you in the face every day, including hearing poison from his own mouth, and 170,000 Americans are dead from a virus which could have been contained, people still support him. Is this delusional or misinformed or , as you stated a one issue decision?


  2. Art,

    As I have time I’ve been text banking quite a lot the past 2 weeks and intend to increase the amount that I do to get out the vote.

    Anyway, I’d like to see the Orange Menace dressed in an orange jump suit to match his hair at Riker’s Island in New York after the local DA gets hold of his tax returns. If misery loves company, put Bill Barr and Moscow Mitch there also.

    My best,



  3. As we’ve noted previously….”How do you really feel?”
    How about today when Bannon and friends got caught stealing from a fund they set up for the wall? egad!!! Does it ever end?


      1. Of course, then we have to get rid of the “squad” before they ruin this country from the socialist side. And hopefully McConnell will get hammered as well. And what about the rest of the sheep in Congress that blindly follow the orange menace?


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