MY ADVICE, JOE — DON’T WASTE YOUR BREATH, Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

Sometimes the time for debate and discussion is over. Rational discussion is only helpful when you are dealing with a rational person.

My experience as a psychiatrist, who specialized in doing psychotherapy, taught me that a point is reached when a person will do whatever he wants, in spite of overwhelming evidence that his decision is wrong.

That is the case with a person ( I don’t call him a man because he is too much of a spoiled baby ) like Donald Trump. Joe, you’ll never be able to have a reasonable discussion with him. It’s like trying to get Hitler to stop invading Europe. Sometimes war is appropriate when you want to save the world.

Now, it’s time to hunker down and vote. Why subject yourself to the arrogance of a hopeless narcissist? Who cares what he says? If you don’t debate him he’ll say you’re scared. If you do debate him, he’ll scream whenever you point out that he’s a liar and an obvious racist. Take the night off and have a romantic dinner with your wife.

His sycophants won’t change.

Most people won’t bother listening to the lying blowhard, if there is a 2nd debate.

Don’t deal with him again. Let him rant and scream to his unmasked followers. Who cares? Prepare yourself for the job of rebuilding this nation.

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