HOW EASY IS IT TO DO THE RIGHT THING? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

It took over 200 years to end slavery, and we’re still in the process of making the repercussions right.

96 years ago, the 19th amendment to the constitution was ratified, and women got the right to vote. Soon, we may have our 1st woman president. Men are still “enjoying” the repercussions of that decision.

CVS pharmacy just announced that they will give up a profit of 2 billion dollars a year and stop selling tobacco in October 2014. They should still make a billion and a half before the cut-off date, but with that in their coffers, they can scream to the world how righteous they are. AND, finally, they are being righteous.

So what are smokers supposed to do? Don’t they have the right to create little cancer cells in their alveoli and bronchial tubes? Don’t they have the right to cost our nation billions of dollars in health care costs? How will pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons make a living? What about the tobacco companies. Now they’ll have to ship their products to third world countries where people don’t know how to read!

Wait. Doesn’t Cuba sell Cubanos? It’s a little further than CVS, but think of the great music, beaches and sexy women. Hmm. Do women have the vote in Cuba?

Dr. Art Smukler is the award winning writer of Chasing Backwards, a psychological murder mystery, Skin Dance, a mystery, and The Man with a Microphone in his Ear. All are available as paperbacks and eBooks.

4 thoughts on “HOW EASY IS IT TO DO THE RIGHT THING? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. It’s all about profit. Government doesn’t care about lung cancer ect. How about medical marijuana? As if smoking it is healthy! The heat from smoking it will cause inflammation, esophageal erosions, throat and lung cancer ect. There’s already a pill form thats been on the market for some time. MARINOL. And how about the psychosis or cognitive decline from abuse?


  2. Teaching folks the power they themselves have through the power of choice; that result will end the supply of tobacco, because the demand has ceased. Are we not suppose to teach empowerment threw choice as we the practitioners in the community of the mental health professionals? I am a teacher, not a preacher; what are you? Make your own choice.


  3. I hope this leads to an avalanche. Let the tobacco companies make their products. If none of the stores sell them, maybe it might convince some people to stop smoking. But that’s probably a dream….


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