DONALD TRUMP IS A LOSER, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist


Donald Trump is the president of the United States. These are his current accomplishments.

Millions of women from all over the country and world find his attitude and style deplorable. Misogynism, sexism and bigotry are not what they want in a person, much less a president. They marched in every major city in the country to express their powerful feelings that would give them equal rights with men in the market place, pro-choice and the right to not be personally and sexually exploited.

Trump is on the verge of making the US the largest country in the world to sabotage climate control. His rationale is that his way will lower production costs and produce more jobs. Short term gain versus long term planet disaster.

Trump will cost the country billions of dollars to treat and care for millions of unwanted children who will be born, because of his war on Planned Parenthood.

Name calling and branding competitors is Trump’s forte. All ready our children and fellow Americans think it’s fine to disrespect anyone who opposes them. The president does it, why can’t we?

Trump teaches ethics by example. Your investors can lose money, but you always need to make sure to protect yourself. Think Atlantic City.

Trump doesn’t pay income taxes. Why? Because he can.

Trump praises Putin. What better way to identify yourself as a fellow monarch? Democracy is for weaklings.

If Trump doesn’t win his point, he never graciously accepts defeat. He keeps doubling down. If he still doesn’t get what he wants, he has all his stooges lie and change the facts. Welcome to alternate reality.

The president isn’t helping the people of our country come together and fix the many things that need repair. He is really only interested in proving how smart and clever he is.

He has great ideas about repairing taxes, protecting our borders, battling terrorism, improving international trade and maybe even the Middle East. But, he’s too busy trying to get us all to think that he’s a winner instead of trying to really help the people of this country. It is a sad state that as of this moment…

Donald Trump is a LOSER.

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7 thoughts on “DONALD TRUMP IS A LOSER, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. Art,

    So what else is new? His first week and a half has been a disaster with not only hundreds of thousands of Americans protesting his executive orders, but thousands of people in countries considered to be our best allies.

    We are screwed!!!!



  2. Agreed. Unfortunately, those who were gullible, beguiled, and angry enough with the present state of their elected Senators and Congressmen, will be beyond anger, when they realize they have been made to look like fools by one of the best con artists of the century. But they will be too hungry, too broke, too sick to crawl out from under the bridges they will be living under to vote him out of office. They have been had in the worst way possible. No sense in saying we told you so, because no one, really expected that as a nation we could be duped, hoodwinked and had our lives, livelihoods, and futures taken from us. Let alone in a manner that was actually ‘legal?’


      1. I agree with everything you said but I disagree with the term “Loser.” It sounds like a term that Trump would use and I would hope that as a professional we would use different terms. Erratic, dangerous, rageful, insecure, paranoid, delusional even, but loser is something he would say.


      2. You are 100%correct. I used the term because that is what Trump used over and over stating how he hates losers. It so enrages me that I want the world to see how intelligent people feel that that is exactly what he is. Thank you


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