WHY ELECT OBAMA WHO PUT US IN MORE DEBT & DIDN’T FIX THE ECONOMY? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

He was elected because most of us weren’t naive enough to blame him. He inherited a catastrophe and then the party that created the catastrophe continued to affix blame rather than work to cure the problem.

Plus, why would most women vote for a man devoted to taking away their right to choose?

Plus, why would most Latinos vote for a man who wants them out of the country?

Plus, why would young people vote for a man and party that’s determined to keep the rich, rich and the poor struggling. Most of us started out as struggling students without a birthright of status or money.

Plus, we instinctively distrust a person who will say whatever it takes to get what he wants.

There are some psychological lessons to be learned:

Respect others’ values and work to give them the power to live those values.

Set aside some of your own narcissistic needs for the betterment of the country.

It’s reasonable to change your mind, but admit you’re changing it and do your  best to explain why you changed it.

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7 thoughts on “WHY ELECT OBAMA WHO PUT US IN MORE DEBT & DIDN’T FIX THE ECONOMY? by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

  1. COMPROMISE COMPROMISE COMPROMISE… IT CAN NOT BE STATED ENOUGH. The republicans must do this for the sake of our country. They must act on our behalf the behalf of the people because even the rich can not do without the poor or middle class(employees/consumers)….


  2. Because enough people recognized that the economy is making slow, but steady progress. Because enough people recognized that he came from humble beginnings and cares about the 47% & the everyday Joe. I just hope Speaker of the House Boehner and his comrades finally will be willing to compromise. I remember when Reagan was President and Tip O’Neill was House Speaker. They and their parties would begin the day fighting like cats & dogs, but begin to give a little on each side as the day progressed. By the end of the day, each side gave some ground, but they got business accomplished. I recall the photos of Reagan and O’Neill having a beer in an Irish pub after days when significant accomplishments were made. We need that spirit of mutual respect and the willingness to compromise for the good of the country.


  3. As someone watching from outside it all I can honestly say there was more interest in what was happening. The rest of the world sighed a deep sigh of relief when the results finally came in. Thank you. Although it was sad to see how many people share Romney’s views or were too stupid to do anything other than vote for the party they always have done.


  4. This was so very well stated. Absolutely true. It took eight years to put the middle class on food stamps, and the upper middle class moving to smaller houses and the poor, dumpster diving. How on earth would anyone think that mess could be fixed in 4 years? It will take perhaps a generation to fix the mess that was made. Worse yet, how can a party appear to be representing the men and women of this country when the higher ranking elected officials appear to believe some ridiculous myth that locks and doors are part of a woman’s anatomy, and God allows rapes? How could any woman ever vote for men in a party that is that out to lunch. They must have been asleep during biology 101 in high school. These men are making our laws, voting on our laws. I think before they can run for office they need an IQ test. Or at least train them to think everything over for ten minutes before they attempt to open their mouths, and even then, I sincerely doubt it would help.


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